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State-by-State: Vaccinations Required for Public School Kindergarten
7/23/2018 -

All 50 states and DC require vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; polio; measles and rubella (49 states and DC also require mumps vaccination); and the varicella (chickenpox) vaccination. Find which states require additional vaccinations in our updated resource.

State Vaccination Exemptions for Children Entering Public Schools
7/23/2018 -

All 50 states allow medical exemptions, 47 states allow religious exemptions, and 17 states allow philosophical (or personal belief) exemptions. DC allows medical and religious exemptions. Find which exemptions your state allows for children entering public school kindergarten.

50 Lesson Plan Ideas Using ProCon.org
7/16/2018 -

We’re excited to announce 50 free lesson plan ideas for educators! Visit our Teachers’ Corner for inspiration, including lessons plans about distinguishing fact from opinion, how to write a “call-to-action” letter, and content from our partner Credo Reference.

2018 CDC Immunization Schedules
3/8/2018 -

See which vaccines the CDC recommends from birth through adulthood.